Campaign “Tá aqui a nota fiscal” raises awareness of structural racism

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The campaign “Tá aqui a nota fiscal” (#RACISMOZERO) takes place this week and debates racism mainly in consumption, manifested, for example, when black people have their bags searched, they are persecuted in the aisles of stores and supermarkets, among other forms of violence. racism.

In a survey carried out by Procon-SP in 2019, among the interviewed consumers, the majority (55.15%) have already suffered discrimination when establishing or intending to establish a consumption relationship.

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Considering the relationship by color, blacks were the most discriminated against (65.38%). Therefore, the invoice is the motto of the initiative.

The movement happens with the dissemination of relevant voices from the main areas of entertainment, in live actions, filmed/photographed or shared on social networks showing the invoice of their clothes or objects.

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The anti-racist campaign, led by Universidade Zumbi dos Palmares in partnership with Procon Racial and the Business Initiative for Racial Equality, takes place this week, from September 19 to 24, and is part of the #RACISMOZERO program. Support #RACISMOZERO.

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