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Camy – video monitoring 3.5.1

Camy – turns your phones and tablets into a real-time video surveillance system. You can connect to another phone from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Camy allows you to monitor your home or office without purchasing special equipment. Camy can help you keep an eye on your child, help you keep track of your cat or dog, or just show you who’s home at the moment. The motion detector will ensure the safety of your home from unauthorized entry, instantly notifying you about it.

Camy is an application that will turn your phone into a camera for remote surveillance. You can set your phone as a camera or viewer. Alternatively, you can enter a web address into your browser and watch the video on a PC (coming soon).


  • Stream video in high quality
  • Ability to connect multiple cameras (phones) [Доступно в Премиум версии]
  • Ability to connect to multiple viewers at the same time
  • Video recording
  • Ability to turn off phone screen to save power
  • Switch between front and back cameras
  • Possibility to answer the camera on the speakerphone “Look and talk”
  • Motion detection and notification about it + the ability to automatically record video to the cloud [Доступно в Премиум версии]
  • Information about stream, frame rate, bit rate, image size
  • Ability to zoom in
  • Ability to rotate the image
  • Ability to take screenshots
  • Remote turning on the flashlight
  • Night mode
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Android TV
  • Web version
  • Ability to connect a webcam

Source: Trash Box

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