Can Germany become a great military power again?

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The words “Germany” and “army” is taboo for the majority of the world, because of the two World Wars and especially because of Nazism and its atrocities, whether it was the concentration camps, or the mass slaughters from Greece, to Czechoslovakia, Poland and to the Soviet Union.

The columnist of New York Times, James Angeloshe points out that despite her troubled history Germany, there was always official pressure from abroad to rebuild its army. In fact, all US presidents, as well as their European allies, were pressuring Berlin to increase its military spending as a member of NATO. Characteristically, the Donald Trump he called “criminals” the Germansstating that they protect their country, with an army paid for by other states.

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But now, Germany considered a pillar of Western security -especially the European one-, since manufactures basic weapons systems, such as Leopard tanks. In addition, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the “green light” was given for the rearmament of Berlin. Thus, the following question arises: Will Germany, in addition to being an economic power, be able to become a military one as well?

German soldiers are trained in battles, which are conducted as in the Ukraine war

This perception has been dominant to this day in Germany, with many people disagreeing about the weapons programs. Now, however, it is said to be gradually changing, although it is doubtful whether rearmament advocates dream of a “strong Germany” or a new “protector of Europe”.

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Characteristically, the Frank Oesterhelwega member of the Christian Democratic Union and vice-president of the Lower Saxony state parliament, said that “what we have always had was an almost pacifist attitude. There were also many people who were not at all inclined to take up arms. I believe that the February 24 invasion and what we have experienced since then show that it is not that simple after all. Much is now changing in the population. We’re back to reality».

Source: News Beast

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