Canaan brought another 2000 ASIC miners to Kazakhstan

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The Chinese mining operator Canaan has supplied another 2,000 Avalon ASIC miners to Kazakhstan. About this company reported on my twitter.

Exactly when the company plans to launch the newly arrived miners is not specified. However, Canaan said earlier that by the end of the year they plan to increase their bitcoin mining capacity to 850,000 Tx / sec. Now the company’s mining farms provide a total capacity of 32,000 Tx / sec.

In addition to Canaan, the Chinese company Bitmain has also placed mining farms in Kazakhstan. In the summer, the manufacturer of mining equipment began cooperation with the Kazakh data center ENEGIX to deploy Antminer S19 Pro mining devices in Kazakhstan.

The influx of Chinese miners has proven to be profitable for the Kazakh authorities. For example, according to the head of the National Association of Blockchain and Data Center Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alan Dordzhiev, legal mining alone brings the republic ~ $ 230 million annually. If we take into account the “gray” miners, then the amount is multiplied by two, Dordzhiev is sure.

The demand for miners for objects in Kazakhstan has grown after the Chinese authorities introduced a ban on the mining of cryptocurrencies throughout the country. As a result of the massive migration of miners, Kazakhstan even made it to the top three in terms of hashrate of the bitcoin network.

In Russia, they also tried to attract Chinese miners at one time. In early August, the Russian blockchain association RACIB announced plans to attract global miners to Russia. However, since the announcement, not a single major player in the mining market has officially appeared on the territory of the country. Local authorities are already discussing the issue of legalizing mining, but the Central Bank of Russia is against it. They believe that regulation of the industry will contribute to “the emergence of monetary surrogates.”

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