Canada: A diplomat from Senegal who owed 34,000 euros to her landlord was arrested – She bit a policeman

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The diplomat from Senegalwhose recent arrest to Canada sparked Dakar’s backlash, owes more than 45,000 Canadian dollars (34,000 euros) in damages to her landlord for the severe damage she caused to his property, according to a court document.

As reported by Agence France-Presse, citing Radio-Canada which obtained the court document, Umu Kalsum Sal was sentenced on June 2 for “unpaid rent” and was asked to pay “compensation for damage to the building”. In this particular document there is talk of damage to furniture and mold on the walls of the basement, while a room full of cockroaches is described.

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The court document came to light after Senegal’s foreign ministry on Friday denounced the arrest of its employee, citing “racist and violent act” which was committed in spite of “the diplomatic status of the victim” and “inviolability” of her house.

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Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland made the announcement on Tuesday at a press conference “acts of unacceptable brutality”.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said the same day that she had contacted her Senegalese counterpart and assured her that she expects a thorough investigation into the case.

On Saturday, the local government of Quebec – the province where the incident took place – announced the launch of an investigation after “a police intervention that raises questions”.

Gatineau police admitted their involvement in the incident, following a request by a court summons for the assistance of security forces.

He claims the officers were confronted by “an aggressive person, refusing to cooperate”. He talks about an attack on a police officer who was “hit in the face and injured”. Then, he notes, it was decided to arrest the diplomat, who “resisted” and “injured, by biting, a second policeman”.

Afterwards, the diplomat from Senegal was “immobilized on the ground” and taken to the “back seat of a patrol car, under the supervision of a female police officer”. At no time did he “report that he was injured or in pain,” Canadian police say, but confirmed that an ambulance arrived a few minutes later, without elaborating.

Source: News Beast

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