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Canada: Justin Trudeau called it unacceptable that parliament honored a Ukrainian volunteer of the IS

His prime minister described it as “unacceptable” and “distressing”. Canada, Justin Trudeauthe fact that a Ukrainian veteran, who had fought on their side Nazi during World War II, honored by the Canadian Parliament during the visit of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskysome 24 hours ago.

“It is deeply distressing for Parliament and, by extension, for all Canadians”, Trudeau told reporters. This fact has caused crisis and embarrassment to the government.

When Zelensky visited Ottawa last Friday, House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota called on MPs to applaud 98-year-old Ukrainian veteran Yaroslav Hunka. But according to Jewish organizations, Hunka fought with the 14th Waffen-SS Volunteer Division.

“It is clearly unacceptable”Trudeau said, recalling that the Speaker of the House took responsibility and apologized.

Political parties today called for Rota’s resignation. The Conservative party, the largest opposition party, accuses the government of not checking Hunka’s background before honoring him.

“Once again, I want to apologize for what happened, I didn’t want to cause trouble in parliament”Anthony Rota said today.

However, Trudeau focused his message on the support that Canada offers to Ukraine. “The important thing is that we will continue to stand against Russia, against Russian propaganda and disinformation,” he said.

Source: News Beast

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