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Canada: Stabbed him to death for asking him not to vape in front of his child

Tragic death by mahair attackIt was found by a 37-year-old man in Canada. The reason is because he asked a 32-year-old man to stop vaping his tobacco device. The murderous with Paul Stanley Schmidt as a victim that happened outside a coffee shop in Vancouver, was recorded eyewitnesses.

In the very hard video, 32-year-old Interdip Singh Ghosa, who has been arrested, can be seen stabbing the hapless 37-year-old in the abdomen as he waited for his partner to bring coffee. The 37-year-old’s daughter was also in front of the murderous attack, for whose presence she asked the 32-year-old not to vape.

“He was just trying to protect his daughter. I am angry and sad. I can’t believe that no one from inside the cafeteria called for help, no one came out to help,” said the 37-year-old’s mother. “He had a knife with him. You don’t go to the cafeteria with a knife, is not that right;” the victim’s mother typically wonders.

The 32-year-old is accused of second degree murder with the victim’s family asking to be upgraded to first degree considering that the perpetrator had the intent to kill.

Source: News Beast

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