Canada will impose a tax on the unvaccinated

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Quebec, the Canadian province affected by the Omicron wave, will impose a new tax in the coming weeks, called the “health levy”, which will be paid only by those who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

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“We are considering a health contribution” for “all adults who refuse to be vaccinated” because these people “are a financial burden for all Quebec residents,” said the province’s prime minister, François Lego.

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According to Lego, the 10% of residents who have not been vaccinated so far should not “harm” the 90% who have been vaccinated. “Not everyone will have to pay” the levy, he insisted, explaining that the French-speaking province government wants the “amount” the unvaccinated to pay to be “significant”.

“I understand and feel the grievances against the minority of the unvaccinated who, by analogy, are flooding our hospitals,” he added.

Lego said that 10% of the unvaccinated represent 50% of the patients in intensive care units, commenting that this situation is “shocking”.

To deal with the new wave of pandemics, Quebec announced on December 30 the re-imposition of certain restrictions, such as a curfew from 10 pm and a ban on gatherings at homes. In total, 2,742 people with Covid-19 are being treated and 255 of them are in the ICU.

Hospitalizations are also on the rise in Ontario, Canada’s neighboring and most populous province. The province’s hospitals treat 3,220 people (+753 admissions in the last 24 hours) and 477 in ICUs (+39 admissions).

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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