Candidates who contested Biden’s election miss election projection in key states

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The latest midterm election results in the United States show that voters in crucial states rejected candidates who denied the results of the 2020 presidential election, when Democrat Joe Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump.

Here are the results of several of those races:

In Nevada, Democratic Las Vegas attorney Cisco Aguilar defeated former state Representative Jim Marchant to become Silver State’s first Latino electoral chief, according to a CNN projection Saturday night. Marchant, the Republican candidate, called for the elimination of vote-counting machines and organized a coalition of like-minded “America First” candidates. Its goals included ending most mail-in voting, expanding voter identification laws, and promoting “aggressive” cleaning of electoral rolls.

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In Arizona, CNN projected that Democrat Adrian Fontes, a former Maricopa County election official, defeated the Republican candidate, State Representative Mark Finchem, who lobbied to discard the 2020 election results in some of the largest counties and state municipalities. sponsored legislation that would have allowed lawmakers to overturn election results.

In Michigan, incumbent Democrat Jocelyn Benson — one of the top national voices advocating the legitimacy of the 2020 election — defeated Kristina Karamo, CNN projects. Karamo, a member of Marchant’s “America First” candidate list, falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump won two years ago and signed an unsuccessful Supreme Court lawsuit that challenged President Joe Biden’s victory.

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In Minnesota, Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon won a third term, engineered CNN – defeating Republican attorney Kim Crockett. Crockett called the 2020 election “illegitimate” because of pandemic-related changes to voting procedures that year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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