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“Can’t breathe”: Arizonans cool off in scorching heat

A huge high pressure system known as a “heat dome”, which parked over the southwestern United States, caused the temperature in the region to exceed 38 degrees Celsius on Thursday (6), promising to leave millions of Americans sweating in the air. next days.

About 31 million people from Northern California, south to Arizona and as far east as Texas were under excessive heat warnings and heat warnings issued by the National Weather Service as of Saturday.

In Phoenix, Arizona, residents were seen seeking out water activities to cool off.

“To be honest, it feels like someone has taken a hairdryer and is blowing it directly into your face. That’s the same feeling,” said Bianet Torres, 32, as she watched her children playing in a water area.

On Wednesday (5), the high temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius. Several people were seen being taken out on stretchers from a Trump event due to heat exhaustion after standing in line for hours in extreme temperatures.

Phoenix was one of several cities in the Southwest region that experienced their hottest summers on record in 2023. Arizona’s capital endured high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a record 55 consecutive days. Last summer, 645 people died in the Phoenix area from heat-related illnesses.

Source: CNN Brasil

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