Capacity decree, 100% in cinemas and theaters, 50% in the disco and 75% in the stadium

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The anti-Covid measures are still loosened: the Council of Ministers, unanimously, approved the decree that reports 100%, in the white area, and with mask and Green Pass, the capacities of the cultural spaces (cinemas and theaters). Not only that: it will no longer be necessary to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter for visitors “in museums, other institutes and places of culture”.

As regards the discos, «The capacity cannot in any case exceed 75% of the maximum authorized outdoors and al 50% indoors (employees of the premises are excluded) ‘. In the white area, «access to events and sports »competitions “It is allowed only to subjects with one of the Covid green certifications and the permitted capacity cannot exceed 75% of the maximum allowed outdoors and 60% indoors ». The new provisions of the capacity decree will come into force on 11 October.

In indoor premises – it is written in the decree – “the presence of ventilation systems without air recirculation must be guaranteed, and the obligations to wear the respiratory protection device provided for by current legislation remain valid, with the exception of the time of dance”.

The penalties for those who do not respect the rules have been tightened: “Starting with the second violation, committed on a different day “,” the accessory administrative sanction of the closing from one to ten days».

“The government’s decision to allow the return to 100% of the capacity in cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums and all places of culture fully welcomes the proposal that we have repeated and confirmed in recent weeks, also in the our last hearing with the Cts ”, commented Minister Dario Franceschini at the end of the CDM. «We have been for a long time convinced of the total safety of these places with the use of the green pass and all the prevention measures: from temperature control to the use of the mask. We invite the Italians to return to experience culture in peace and safety ».

Further changes are also possible if the epidemiological situation improves. “In the white and yellow area, in relation to the progress of the epidemiological situation and the characteristics of the sites and events, a different maximum percentage of capacity allowed can be established”, the decree continues, “in compliance with the principles established by the Committee technical-scientific, with guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion, adopted for shows by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and, for events and competitions, by the Undersecretary of State with responsibility for sporting matters “.

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