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Capitals should have expanded 5G signal by the end of the month, predicts Anatel

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) plans to increase the number of antennas 5G in state capitals and the Federal District for a minimum of one antenna for every 30 thousand inhabitants, by the end of this month.

For two years in Brazil, the technology has systems implemented in more than 800 cities and with an active signal in at least 589 municipalities with an average coverage of 45%.

Around 28 million users have cell phones that allow them to connect to the 5G internet, according to the agency. The number is three times higher than the number of active terminals a year ago. The number of approved devices jumped from 13 in 2021 to 195 in 2024.

By the end of 2029, Aneel wants all cities to have the signal up and running. The expectation is that 5G coverage will reach 84% of the Brazilian population by 2030.

The measure seeks to facilitate digital inclusion and access to advanced services, stimulating sustainable economic growth and innovation in various sectors.

5G adoption could add approximately 0.50% to GDP of the country annually, which represents a value of around USD 41 billion by 2030, according to World Back estimates.

The increase is due to increased productivity, technological innovation and new business opportunities that should come with technology, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, health and transportation.

The number of 5G subscribers in Brazil is expected to reach 179 million by 2030 with a penetration of 77%, according to agency data.

Source: CNN Brasil

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