Captions on photo 1.3.14

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Captions on the photo – a simple tool for adding text to a photo with a choice of font, color, style.

Features of the app:

  • Many fonts in Russian (Cyrillic) – You can fill the text with color, gradient, texture
  • Make text vertical, curved, or circular
  • You can add an underlay (an additional layer below the text) in the form of a circle, heart, and other shapes. Now you can create a beautiful and unusual text in a circle, on the background of a cloud, polygon, and other options.
  • Move or rotate text (move text by dragging, rotate by pressing and holding the arrow icon)
  • Fill the background (below the text) with a color, texture, or gradient
  • It is possible to change the transparency of the background or indentation from the text
  • Add shadow to text, text stroke
  • Upload your font, resize it

You can use the finished photo with captions for social networks (vk, instagram, instagram, facebook, etc.), for decorating your group, your channel, public, for sending by messenger.

You can congratulate your friends and acquaintances on the holidays (New Year, Valentine’s Day, March 8, February 23, etc.)

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