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Cara Delevingne reveals she got drunk for the first time when she was eight years old

The actress Cara Delevingne 31, revealed that she started drinking alcohol as a child and that she got drunk for the first time at the age of eight. In the report, published on Sunday (7) by the British newspaper Sunday Times, the artist also spoke about her struggle with drug and alcohol abuse.

Journalist Vassi Chamberlain, who carried out the interview with Delevingnesays she met the actress at her aunt’s wedding. “You know I got drunk that day,” the artist replies. “I was eight years old, what a crazy age to get drunk,” she added.

Delevingne has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction and revealed that she used the substances to get through “tough times.” “I used to think that drugs and alcohol helped me cope. But they didn’t, they made me sad and very depressed. I feel like I’ve taken my power back and I’m not being controlled by other things,” she said.

The actress has been sober since 2022, the year she was photographed apparently drunk, with disheveled hair and disoriented, after the “Burning Man” festival. She says that the photos, which went viral and gained great repercussion in the media, made her receive “a reality check”. After the event, she checked into a rehabilitation clinic.

The actress also says she feels like she has reclaimed her “power,” adding that she recently attended the Glastonbury Festival in June without drinking or using drugs. “I’m not being controlled by other things,” she says. “I smelled bad, my feet hurt and I didn’t stay up as late, but it was a lot of fun.”

Cara Delevingne is hospitalized after paparazzi catch her looking distraught

Source: CNN Brasil

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