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Cardano users will be able to deploy Ethereum smart contracts directly

On Thursday, March 30, Milkomeda CEO Sebastian Guillemot announced a new update for the network. Among other things, the upgrade will enable Cardano users to deploy Ethereum smart contracts directly.

Note that Milkomeda is a sidechain that ensures blockchain compatibility with EVM networks. The protocol uses an L2 solution based on ZK-Rollups technology.

According to Guillemot, the update is scheduled for May. Head of Milkomeda so commented this upgrade:

“We expect Cardano to become the best EVM network in our ecosystem next month. You will be able to deploy Ethereum smart contracts from any wallet, directly through ADA. This will make Cardano the leader among EVM networks in terms of audience reach.”

Milkomeda also plans to add staking programs. According to Guillemot, the feature will also be available from the wallet with automatic rewards every 5 days.

Why is it important? Using the EVM environment, a developer can deploy Ethereum-based dApps on any network. To do this, you do not need to learn a new language, the existing tools are enough.

Milkomeda serves as a “bridge” between the network and the EVM environment. The ability to use contracts directly from the wallet will greatly simplify the development process and attract a new audience.

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