Cardiovascular disease is like a permanent pandemic, says expert

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In an interview with CNN Radio the cardiologist of Grupo Angiocardio Marcelo Cantarelli, warned of the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

According to him, they are “like a permanent pandemic”, since, in Brazil alone, 800 to 1000 people die from these cardiovascular diseases every day.

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In a year, they cause 400,000 deaths.

The World Health Organization announced this Wednesday (21) that non-communicable diseases have become the leading cause of death in the world.

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Among them are, in addition to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory problems and mental health.

According to Cantarelli, the WHO warns that “governments seek public policies that are most suited to their countries”, since there are conditions that aggravate diseases that are directly related to low economic levels.

The expert points out that 70% of deaths from cardiovascular diseases are related to habits such as smoking, inadequate diet, lack of physical activity and even social level.

Thus, the cardiologist stated that it is necessary to raise awareness among the population.

“The combination of prevention, adequate treatment and identification of the disease will help to reduce mortality, which depends on education and awareness”, he added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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