Carnival 2023: Galo da Madrugada rescues African matrices and brings a message against prejudice

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Majestic and loved by Pernambuco and tourists alike, Galo da Madrugada is not just a carnival block. He is part of the culture and history of Recife.

The nostalgia of seeing the “giant rooster” on the Duarte Coelho bridge, downtown, is great, but it is nearing the end. The party was suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the last Galo parade was in 2020.

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On the afternoon of this Wednesday (1st), the elements that will compose the allegory were announced. The main message is against prejudice.

For the first time, Galo honors blacks and browns, pillars of carnival culture and the emergence of popular toys, in addition to frevo itself.

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The designer and plastic artist from Pernambuco, Leopoldo Nóbrega, responsible for the visual creation of the structure, said in a press conference that he was inspired by a majestic rooster that flirts with the future, while revering its carnival origins and bringing the representativeness of the Brazilian ethnic group.

In 2023, who will reign in the central region of the capital of Pernambuco will be the “Ancestral Rooster”.

“In recognition of the history and all the richness of the Afro-descendant legacy for the national multiethnic formation, we evoke our African ancestry and offer a new colorful time, of peace, equality, inclusion and appreciation of differences as a cultural power and stimulus to the strengthening of identities through social empowerment, humanist narratives and sustainable practices present in the giant sculpture of Galo da Madrugada”, said Leopoldo.

Projection of the Galo da Madrugada allegory for Carnival 2023

For the Secretary of Culture of Recife, Ricardo Mello, the meeting with the “Galo Ancestral” praises popular culture, fundamental for Recife’s Carnival.

“When we talk about a tour ‘with all the Carnivals’, we are aware of the diversity, the unique plurality of this cultural cycle in Recife, but also the temporal references, of the various eras, thus finding the origins of the revelry”, says Mello.

The Structure of the Rooster

In all, more than 7 tons of materials will be used, including, in addition to the iron structure. all fashion jackets and artwork. The structure of the allegory is custom-made to be fitted to the 70-tonne crane that guarantees the stability of the Galo on the Duarte Coelho bridge.

There are around 20 hours of work for the assembly, which should start on the night of February 16th. In the end, the allegory will reach 28 meters in height.

The work of art also features Cubist and Picasso traits, which, in turn, was also inspired by African art at the beginning of the last century, and will have 90% of recyclable materials and waste.

Just like its last two editions, also signed by Leopoldo Nóbrega and the designer and architect Germana Xavier, sustainability and upcycling (reuse) are fundamental in the process of making the giant work of art.

The clothing comes from discarded fabrics such as knitwear and jeans collected in cities such as Caruaru, Toritama and Santa Cruz do Capibaribe and also from floor coverings at events.

The “Ancestral Rooster” will be ready on Friday (17). The block’s concentration will be on Saturday at Zé Pereira, the 18th, at 7 am, at Forte das Cinco Pontas, leaving at 9 am.

In all, there will be 30 electric trios, which will travel through the streets of the center of the capital of Pernambuco towards the structure of the giant rooster.

The Galo da Madrugada party will end at 6:30 pm. This year, 2 million revelers are expected to enjoy the block, a smaller number than that recorded in 2020, of 2.5 million people.

Source: CNN Brasil

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