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Carolina Marconi and the battle against cancer: “It was a bolt of lightning that pierced me”

Carolina Marconi and the battle against cancer: “It was a bolt of lightning that pierced me”

“You entered the hearts of Italians in 2004 with Big Brother.” So Silvia Toffanin introduced in the study of very true the guest Carolina Marconi, Venezuelan showgirl and model, 43, known for taking part in the fourth edition of Mediaset reality TV. Carolina Marconi is facing a difficult battle against a tumor, as she tells herself, holding back her tears. Breast cancer, discovered by chance (“like a bolt of lightning that pierced my stomach”) while undergoing the various tests required for assisted fertilization, a path that she and her partner, Alessandro Tulli, a former football player, have decided to undertake since they are unable to have a child naturally.

“I hadn’t had a mammogram for at least two years, then the Covid arrest was added”, says the showgirl candidly. With the mammogram, a small and unmistakable lump appeared in the breast. Which, with further verification, turned out to be a small but very aggressive tumor. Carolina Marconi remembers that moment, saying that she fled in tears from the doctors who communicated the news to her, taking refuge in the clinic’s cafeteria to cry, incredulous at the news.

Mindful of her father’s lesson – “Everything is resolved and everything is fought” – and supported by the unconditional love of her family and her partner, Carolina Marconi underwent the operation in April, with an 8-hour operation to remove the tumor mass. This was followed by courses of chemotherapy, hence total hair loss. Chemotherapy that still continues, for Carolina Marconi, waiting for a new cycle in November. Now, however, the showgirl feels she wants to go all the way, fighting with her partner for her dream of life and motherhood: «When I learned about the tumor it was like lightning that pierced my stomach. My thought was to have a child, I was happy. I didn’t want to accept it. Then I dried my tears. ‘

Before leaving, Carolina Marconi invited all viewers to take care of the breast cancer prevention aspect, avoiding being superficial and postponing a very important exam such as mammography.



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