Carolina of Monaco wants Charlène out of Casa Ranieri

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There is no peace for Charlène of Monaco. After returning from South Africa, the after-effects of an illness that deeply felt her in the spirit, as well as in the body, now she has to deal with a real intrigue, with decidedly grotesque implications. Several press rumors are leaking that his sister-in-law Carolinanever resigned to the idea of ​​not being able to cover the role of first ladyhe would be doing everything to get her away from the Palace.

In fact, in part the goal was also achieved, and thanks to complicity of Prince Albert which would have prompted Charlène to leave the castle and move to the estate of Roc Angel, on a hill far from Casa Ranieri. The official reason is that in this way Charlène, who needs to rest, will be able to have more privacy, but the well-informed believe that this would be only the first step to expel it from Casa Ranieri and piloting its presence in selected events, essential for maintaining appearances (according to some, there would be a millionaire agreement that would also avoid the scandal of a divorce).

What between Carolina and Charlène do not run bad blood is not new: the two sisters-in-law have never been best friends, rather between them there is a cordial (at least in the eyes of the photographers) relationship of mutual tolerance. Probably, however, not even the most imaginative would have imagined that it could go that far: Carolina’s rule would be never to meet her sister-in-law, and for this, in addition to forcing her to move, the wife of Albert of Monaco the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Prince Ranieri were excluded from the Grimaldi Committee (as of May 2023).

That’s not all: Charlène, from the Roc Angel estate in which she is now located, cannot even move easily. Alberto would prevent her from using the carand the official reason is that he wants to avoid her the risk of driving on the road where her mother Grace Jelly died. \

Source: Vanity Fair

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