Casa Sartori and Davidoff: a meeting of perfect harmony

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Two days of beauty, intense flavors, aromas, art in a perfect combination of cigars and wine: the protagonists Sartori winery, historic Veronese company ambassador of the best Made in Italy wine in the world, e Davidoff, the prestigious line of ITA cigars.

They just spent a weekend in style together in Verona, started with a dinner overlooking the Arena. A special appointment in which i great white and red wines of Casa Sartori they sublimated a perfect menu, and made the tasting of Davidoff’s latest novelty even more special: the line Davidoff Dominican Capa.

It is a cigar that delivers a totally Dominican experience, thanks to the combination of native tobaccos that offer an intoxicating cocktail of aromas, in which roasted coffee combines with chocolate and spices in a dance of taste. A cigar for connoisseurs, fine, sophisticated, as well as the legendary Amarone from Casa Sartori, with which it is harmoniously matched. On the same evening, great wines and great cigars were also the backdrop for the delivery, for the first time in Italy, of the gods Davidoff Gold Band Awards 2021 Italia: the prestigious awards conferred by ITA which awarded Cantine Sartori like «Best partner» and, among others, the starred chef Antonello Colonna as «best testimonial».

What would an evening in Verona be without the Arena? This is where the guests went after dinner, to crown a tradition dear to Casa Sartori and Davidoff, historical partners of the largest theater under the stars in the world: they attended a magnificent Turandot with the new installations that this year have made the masterpieces of the great museums the protagonists, in a spectacular encounter between art and technology.

The weekend ended with a day of great discoveries among the vineyards and cellars of Sartori house: a day of visits, wonders and other tastings of great wines paired with great cigars. A unique opportunity to get to know this company, always tied to a double knot in Verona, and which continues to work exclusively on classic Veronese wines: Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto, reinterpreted in an elegant and personalized way. It is now led by Andrea Sartori, fourth generation of the family, which continues with passion and competence a great story that began in 1897.

Andrea Sartori, president of Casa Sartori

The history of Sartori can be relived by visiting while walking among the romantic views of Villa Maria and the vineyards that surround it: the place where Andrea’s great-grandfather – Pietro – he began making wine for his restaurant and where then Regolo Sartori, his son, continued giving a strong boost to quality and production. Even today it is said of him that he was an “out of the ordinary palate”, and it was he who made Casa Sartori deserve its fame: thanks to his great attention to quality, which still today testify some of his most precious bottles of wine . Bottles ranging from ’43 to ’45, kept right in the underground corridors of the villa, where there are cellars that were occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War. One of the many stories in history, which is worth discovering (there are also personalized guided tours ( In the gallery above, some images of Casa Sartori and the wines tasted during the event

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