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Casa Tua: Fasano’s former maître d’ restaurant is successful in Barra

One of the most famous gastronomic spots in Barra de Tijuca, the noble corner where Gero Trattoria has been operating since 2011, has returned to the times of hype and glamour.

In mid-April, the 1,150 m2 property re-lit the brand-new lights and became the hottest your house .

Behind the enterprise is the friendly Atagerdes Alves Alves, a good prose artist from Minas Gerais, with an infallible memory and an unusual disposition to work.

Before opening Casa Tua, he spent 27 years working at the demanding Grupo Fasano, where he was for years maître d’ to the aristocratic Gero de Ipanema.

Upon leaving Fasano, Alves negotiated his termination from the purchase of the point where Gero Barra used to be, which definitively closed at the beginning of the pandemic. Alves then called Alexandre Accioly (Gero’s former partner) to be a partner in the project, which is currently being carried out by a brigade of 100 employees.

In the dining room of Casa Tua, one of the most elegant in Rio, it is possible to taste classic and refined Italian cuisine, under the baton of seasoned chef Mairton Oliveira (ex-Gero).

On the list of starters, the slices of raw tuna (R$ 128), at an exemplary temperature, enhanced with mint and Sicilian lemon and – this a French intrusion on the menu – the excellent goat cheese souffle ( BRL 72).

Alongside classics such as spaghetti carbonara (R$96) and cacio e pepe (R$96), the menu features some interesting fresh stuffed pasta.

This is the case of the guinea fowl tortelli with burrata fonduta and black truffle (R$94) and the suckling pig agnolotti with the roast’s own sweet and sour sauce (R$99), with a salty and sweet contrast in flavor.

Among the dishes with seafood, these with high prices, stand out the grilled grouper with crayfish bisque with asparagus and palm heart (R$ 154) and the cavaquinha flambéed in vermouth with lemon risotto (R$ 179).

Next to Casa Tua is the Casa Tua Forneria, with a more informal vibe and a menu with salads, carpaccios, pizzas and Italian-style sandwiches prepared with pizza dough in a wood-fired oven imported from Naples.

your house
Avenida Érico Veríssimo, 190, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro / Tel.: (21) 3030-0010 / Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 12:00 pm/3:00 pm and 7:00 pm/0:30 am; Friday, 12pm/4pm and 7pm/1am; Saturday, 12pm/1am; and Sunday, 12pm/5pm. It does not open on Mondays.

A journalist from São Paulo who travels weekly between São Paulo and Rio, he has written about gastronomy for major vehicles, such as Veja São Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo and Época São Paulo. In the last ten years, he has visited eighteen countries in search of good places to eat, drink, party and exercise bohemia. Also share your findings on the site and Instagram Taste and Fly.

Source: CNN Brasil

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