Case Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: the turning point arrives

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Although it has almost come to an end, the hearing in the courtroom linked to Johnny Depp’s trial of ex-wife Amber Heard it holds so much court in America that it obscures far more relevant news such as the war in Ukraine and the controversial abortion law. According to estimates by News WhipIn fact, the Depp-Heard case would have smashed all the records between articles, searches on Google and social networks, especially TikTok, with perhaps excessive attention, which has always been reserved for sporting events of the caliber of the Super Bowl. It remains that, beyond the pure entertainment that the Fairfax process is arousing on the Net, the level of declarations by the two has definitely gone further.


In addition to the details on a toxic relationship studded with violence, abuse and prevarication on both sides; Heard’s accusation against Depp, that would almost kill her during their 2015 Orient Express honeymoon, and the relationship with James Franco who, according to the media, could definitely see Depp the winner from the trial, the most interesting thing about the matter is another, and it concerns why Johnny Depp always avoids making eye contact with his ex-wife during her depositions. For the star’s lawyers Aquaman the reason would lie in the actor’s sense of shame – “He doesn’t look at me because he’s guilty” – while for Depp’s legal team led by Benjamin Chew the reason lies in a promise made by the actor to Heard during their separation.

“Do you know why Mr. Depp doesn’t look at her? He doesn’t look at her because he promised her he would never see her eyes again. Johnny kept his promise “, explained in court the lawyer of Depp Camille Vasquez, addressing directly to Amber Heardwhich some believe would really be in the process of being cut from the sequel to Aquaman out in theaters this year. Regardless of how the trial will go, it seems that public opinion is now compact towards Depp, convinced that the actor, because of the woman, has lost credibility and respect, seeing contracts after contracts canceled. We still don’t know how it will end, but it is certain that neither of us, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, can be satisfied and satisfied with how it went.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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