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Case of racism in RS is false, investigation shows

A man who reported a case of racism on a delivery app confessed to being the author of the request with prejudiced phrases. The investigations concluded, after crossing data, that the person responsible for the offensive text was the owner of the restaurant. When questioned, the victim admitted to having made the discriminatory publication.

The Civil Police will indict the restaurant owner for falsely reporting a crime. This type of offense carries a prison sentence of one to six months or a fine.


On the eve of the holiday (14), the delivery man and also owner of a restaurant in the city of Campo Bom, in Rio Grande do Sul, registered a police report against an order made via an app. In the comments it was written “last time a black motorcycle courier came, I kindly ask you to send a white one”.

The order was canceled and the user was reported to the platform. The Civil Police opened an investigation to find out who had committed the crime of racism as the address did not exist and the applicant was new to the application. The restaurant hired a lawyer to monitor the investigations and consequently sue the author for racism. However, when analyzing the information and summoning the victim, she contradicted herself and acknowledged being responsible for the request.

In contact with IFOOD, the delivery platform states that “it remains at the disposal of the authorities to collaborate with ongoing investigations. In case of violation of the platform’s terms of use, the appropriate measures will be taken.”

(with information from Maria Clara Alcântara and Catarina Nestlehner)

Source: CNN Brasil

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