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Cassia Galanio: Former Qatari princess ‘feared for her life’ – Revelations of her secret partner

Cassia Galanio, the former princess of Qatar who was found dead in her luxurious apartment in Marbella from a possible overdose, “she was afraid for her life” after she was attacked and robbed just two months before her death, reveals her secret partner.

The friend of the princess of Qatar who died of suspected overdose revealed that was attacked and robbed in her luxurious penthouse just two months before her death.

Nightclub manager and singer Bruce Baps said 45-year-old Cassia Galanio, “she feared for her life»In the weeks following the attack on the value compartment Εκατο 2 million in Puerto Banus near Marbella, Spain.

She insisted that she would not end her life, despite the pressure she was under fight over custody of three daughters she had with her ex-husband Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, the 73-year-old uncle of the current Emir of Qatar.

Cassia Galanio: Former Qatari princess ‘feared for her life’

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, she also stated that “She was robbed at her home a few months ago. These guys attacked her and hit her pretty badly and stole a lot of her stuff. “She was badly injured in the face.”

“I do not think he committed suicide, but we are waiting for the results of the autopsy to find out exactly what happened. “It took four days for her to be found, so her body was in a state of decomposition,” he added.

Mr. Baps also revealed how the secular Mrs. Galanio, who had more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and hung out with Hollywood starshad sent him one last message before her death, simply saying: “I’m going to bed.”

At first he did not panic when he did not reply, because he thought he was resting, but he became more and more anxious when he did not reply to subsequent messages. Mr Bapps said he went to her apartment but did not respond.

Spanish police were alerted on Sunday, May 29, by one of Ms. Galanio’s 17-year-old twin daughters from Paris, who was worried after not being able to contact her for four days.

Suicide or murder the death of the former princess?

Police raided her apartment with the help of Marbella’s fire service and found her dead in her bed, guarded by her loyal Pomeranian dog named Honey. Police confirmed that her death was not being treated as a suspect, as there were no signs of violence and that they were not chasing a third party.

Mr Baps said earlier: “I still do not believe so, how could that be? “She did not commit suicide, we need to know what happened because she was afraid for her life.”

Speaking on the Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s “It’s Already Eight O’Clock” show, he insisted that was not overly depressed over her litigation in the Paris courts with her 73-year-old ex-husband over their daughters. He specifically said that “She was not sad, she was not bad, Cassia did not commit suicide”.

Mr Baps revealed in the interview that Cassia Galanio had been the target of many attacksn, saying that “She had been beaten, she had been robbed, she was not safe and she did not have a bodyguard”.

When asked by MailOnline if she believes she was attacked and robbed because of her ties to his royal family Qatarreplied: “Of course, of course”, adding that “She was a princess with no security or anything, I say, was a target”.

The Spanish media reported that Mrs. Galanio may have died from an overdose of drugs in combination with alcohol. According to reports, in her house, on the seventh floor of the exclusive Playas del Duque complex, near the marina of Puerto Banus with the luxury yachts of many millions of pounds, a number of opened packages of medicines were found.

The autopsy was performed by a single doctor at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Mλαlaga, in yet another indication that her death was not being treated as a suspect. Spanish autopsies in criminal investigations normally require two doctors.

Further microscopic examinations of samples from her body are being performed at the Seville Institute of Toxicology, after the initial autopsy failed to determine how she died.

According to Daily Mailimgs reported that tests could help determine if the alcohol found in her body had been consumed by her or had been produced after her death as a result of decomposition.

A princess locked in a “golden cage”

Mrs. Galanio, who is of Polish origin and grew up in Los Angeles, had married her husband’s prince from Qatar after he had flirted with her when she was a 19-year-old student in Parisdespite the 28 years difference in their age. But the couple divorced in 2007 after having three daughters together.

Ms. Galanio, known as “la SheiquesaIn Marbella, in a report on its royal ties with Qatar, had recently claimed that she had to sell some of her jewelry to make ends meet.

In an interview with Women’s World in April, she described her life as “living in a”golden cage“, Saying that she wanted freedom from her ex-husband. He even stressed that “Money is a curse because it isolates you from many people. It’s a different world. “

Galanio’s struggles for the care of her children

THE unfortunate princess had traveled to Paris in April for a legal hearing to try to get custody of her 17-year-old twins and 15-year-old daughter.

But a French court has ruled that the girls should stay temporarily in France, where she lives. their billionaire fatherafter allegedly hearing that Ms. Galanio was prone to nervous breakdowns and had visited detox clinics in her fight against alcohol use.

The court heard allegations that the prince had sexually abused one of his daughtersalthough he strongly denied the allegations, according to reports in the French newspaper Le Parisien.

THE Paris prosecutor’s office launches investigation into allegations that he touched her inappropriately between the ages of nine and 15 and forced her to share the bed with her father a few times.

Other friends of the unfortunate 45-year-old have reportedly denied allegations that she drank or took drugs and say she lived a healthy lifestyle, enjoying yoga and run.

Ms Galanio’s French lawyer, Sabrina Boesch, told Le Parisien that her client was “devastated” by the custody process and the revelations in court, saying “I think, above all, she died of grief”.

How the 45-year-old former princess was seen by her neighbors

Hairdresser Ivan Romero, 24, said Cassia Galanio used to make weekly visits to the Lorena Morlote salon where she works under the Playas del Duque apartments – other affluent clients of the salon are Paris Hiltonthe Victoria Beckham and the Salma Hayek.

Ivan told MailOnline that “Cassia was very friendly and a nice lady who was always very kind. We are very surprised and shocked by her death. She was always a discreet lady and never talked about her private life, but she seemed happy and optimistic. I miss it a lot. “She was the kind of person who made you want to love her.”

She added: “Her twin children also came when they lived here, but we did not see them often, as they were in Paris. “She was always happy when she was here.”

French media reports claimed that her ex-husband, forced his daughters to sleep in the maid’s room of his old Parisian house, 50,000 square meters, in the eighth district, after visiting their mother, until they apologize. He was exiled to Paris following a coup led by his half-brother Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in 1995.

Source: News Beast

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