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Cassia Galliano: Who is the former princess of Qatar who was found dead in Spain – Her sad story

Cassia Galliano was just 19 years old when she met and fell in love with billionaire Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, uncle of his current emir Qatar with whom they married in 2004.

The 45-year-old former princess, found dead on Saturday possibly from a drug overdose, she lived in luxury, but for over 15 years she fought a court battle with her ex-husband over the custody of their three daughters. The results of the necropsy are expected today.

Born in Krakow, she moved to the United States as a child, where she studied at California State University. A trip to Paris was enough to change her life, since there she met Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani and began to live her own tale. A life full of wealth, parties and contacts with celebrities, but which was not to have a good end.

Galliano was found dead in her home, according to Le Parisien. Her youngest daughter called from Paris who was at the Police and informed that she could not contact her mother. In the raid made by police at her home in Marbelia, Spain, they found themselves in front of her lifeless body, while first investigations showed no signs of homicide but overdose drugs substances.

Their 17-year-old twin daughters lived with Al-Thani before deciding to move with their mother. The 15-year-old continues to live with her dad in a luxury apartment in Paris.

The legal dispute

The lavish lifestyle and good life for Galliano have given way in recent years in the courtroom. The 45-year-old was claiming custody of her children from the 73-year-old billionaire and accused him of sexually abusing one of their three daughters, which he denied. Al Thani accused her of that she was an alcoholic with mental health problems. According to a report by Le Parisien, cited by the Daily Mail, Galliano allegedly spent several months in hospital with a nervous breakdown and this led to the May 19 court in Paris to postpone the custody trial and request a psychiatric evaluation again. .

In an interview with Women’s World, she said: “Two of my daughters are twins. They wanted to live with me and for that he punished her by cutting off all communication with them. This is very sad, children need both parents. The little one is not allowed to talk to me and this hurts me a lot as it seems that they are blackmailing her and manipulating her with all the luxuries they offer her. I feel like a part of me is missing “.

People in her friendly environment say that Galliano had nothing to do with drugs and alcohol. “I knew her very well and I am devastated by her death. She was a very good person and those who knew her loved her. She loved her daughters and would never abandon them. “She was against drugs and was never an alcoholic,” Louis Spagnuolo, a 45-year-old boyfriend, told the Spanish newspaper Olive Press.

The public categories

Galliano did not hesitate to accuse Al-Thani publicly as she struggled to get full custody of her children. During the trial where it was reported that one of her daughters had been sexually abused, Galliano said she was devastated. “They claimed in court that her father touched her inappropriately, something that will be investigated”

The attacks also took place on social media. Addressing her 500,000 followers on Instagram, she said: “After so many messages of support and love from parents who are going through the same thing as me, I decided to share my story. First, a man must not disrespect the mother of his children and vice versa. No matter how angry, upset, jealous or vicious the father of my children is, I do what I can for my girls, give them what they need, protect them. “I’m not perfect, I’m doing the best I can.”

He continued: “Children should never become pawns when their parents can not find them. The father of my children, Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has not paid a single cent for food for more than a year to support me in raising them. This is outrageous, unjust, shameful. It is immoral because children are the victims again. “And it is even more embarrassing when you are a billionaire prince of Qatar.”

“My loves. “Never forget that I love you so much,” she wrote in another post that was accompanied by a joint photo with her daughters. “Life is full of difficult and good times. If at times you feel overwhelmed… do not forget who you are στε set up your crown and be brave… Learn from what you can and become the incredible, inspiring, strong and compassionate women I know you can become – I love you, the your mom “.

Source: News Beast

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