Castillo makes new changes to his cabinet but retains prime minister

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Peruvian President Pedro Castillo reorganized his cabinet on Friday (5), appointing six new ministers, including that of Finance, but he did not achieve a complete reform by keeping Prime Minister Anibal Torres in his post.

The president chose Kurt Burneo, a center-left economist who served as deputy economy minister in the early 2000s under President Alejandro Toledo, to replace Oscar Graham in the key post of finance minister.

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Burneo is a former director of the Central Bank of Peru and former president of the Bank of the Nation.

On social media, Castillo said he did not accept Torres’ resignation earlier this week, and that the prime minister remains committed to working for the country.

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Keeping Torres as chief of staff means the executive will not have to seek a new vote of confidence from Congress, eliminating an important risk.

Castillo’s decision comes amid heightened tensions with Congress. The legislature this week denied the president’s request to travel to Colombia’s presidential inauguration, an unprecedented rejection of a procedure that in the past was treated as routine.

Castillo’s presidency has increasingly faced political instability and allegations of corruption.

Prosecutors have opened five criminal investigations against the president, and some lawmakers are calling for an impeachment for the third time.

Source: CNN Brasil

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