Casting and embroidery

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Casting, choosing models for fashion shows or advertising services, is something that is very well known in the fashion world. In the art world it is unfortunate. Ideas come from inspiration, not for grim commercial purposes. This is not the opinion of Maurizio Vetrugno, a great friend of Alexander McQueen, a Turinese artist born in Balinese for passion or vice. For him, art is just a matter of casting or a selection of his own tastes, desires, vices, paranoia according to the moments of his life.

The artist is a collector of instincts. Vetrugno confirms this with a series of images that come from all over, fashion, music, magazines, personal life, and that he had embroidered in Bali, where there are the masters of the “launched stitch” a sort of technique that gives I embroider the lenticular effect, for the older ones including the artist, the one the stickers had inside the Mio cheese. Otherwise cheap images that become precious and almost, as Nanni Moretti would say, kitsch. If you don’t understand well, go and see them in real life in Rome at the Quadriennale, where Vetrugno closes the great exhibition entitled OUT, as the Unitary Front Homosexual Italian Revolutionaries from the 1970s, from where the exhibition has transpired rather than inspired.

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