Catalan businessmen show unity to demand a turn of the helm to the Government

More than 300 organizations demand an end to violence in the streets, that the Generalitat focus its policies on economic recovery and that Pedro Sánchez reactivate the dialogue table

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The Catalan businessmen for days they had been preparing the staging of a unitary and diaphanous message. After the riots of the last two weeks in the streets of Barcelona and other localities, more than 300 organizations today have demanded an end to the violence and that the Generalitat focus your efforts on economic recovery.

In a protest act led by Work Promotion Y Pimec, under the motto Enough is enough, let’s focus on recovery, employers, sectoral organizations and social entities have criticized the institutional “paralysis” and have called for the urgent formation of “a Govern stable and cohesive that regains loyalty, abandons the confrontation and has as its main objective the overcoming of the crisis caused by pandemic”. A little over a year after the start of the first restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the president of Pimec, Antoni Caete, has expressed the deep malaise in various sectors: “Enough of closing economic activities in a total or partial way with measures, sometimes arbitrary, that we do not understand.”

Representatives of the business world have expressed their rejection of the violence and they have asked the administrations to work to eradicate it and condemn it “in the most absolute way and without any mitigation.” Concerned about the image that vandalism projects in the face of the attraction of investments Y tourism, and fearing that they may be repeated, they demand that the Generalitat, the Barcelona’s town hall and to the rest of the councils affected that “exercise their democratic authority and their responsibilities without complexes to regain coexistence and peace in the streets.”

For this reason, they ask that both the Catalan parties and the Parliament and the Government give “the maximum support” to the security forces, and in particular to the Mossos d’Esquadra, as guarantors of rights and freedoms. “The anti-system radicals will never be able to with the strength of a city and a country that want to win the future with work, peace and social cohesion”, has sentenced the president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre.

The organizations meeting in Barcelona ask for “a covenant transversal “between political forces, administrations and economic and social entities to face the way out of the crisis. And, to row in that direction, they offer their complicity and willingness to work in” public-private collaboration.

The manifesto read in public by representatives of various entities also reaches the government by Pedro Sánchez, who is asked to grant “immediate and realistic aid” to the sectors most affected by the crisis and that, “for the recovery of normality”, promote the dialogue table with the Generalitat, whose first and only meeting was held a year ago.

ERC counterprogramming

Politics, meanwhile, continues its path in parallel and, in full negotiations for the formation of a new Government, Esquerra Republicana has decided to counter-program the business event with a conference in which its candidate to preside over the Catalan Executive, Pere Aragonà © s, will show this afternoon his roadmap for the next four years if he manages to be invested by Parliament. For this, the current president acting will also be accompanied by a representation from different spheres of Catalan civil society.

One of the many that Sánchez Llibre has signed up for in the act of unity this afternoon is the transversality achieved, with a practically total representation of the Catalan business fabric and that has overcome possible political discrepancies between some entities. This has been evidenced by the fact that one of the people in charge of reading the manifesto was the president of the lobby sovereignist FemCAT, Elena Massot, or with the explicit gratitude of the top leader of Foment for the presence of Mònica Roca, Acting President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, an entity currently controlled by a group of businessmen linked to the Catalan National Assembly.

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