Catalonia Is Studying Extending The Curfew Until 11 PM So That Restaurants Can Serve Dinners

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Despite the fact that the district confinement was lifted this Monday, the Generalitat is considering going further. The evolution of the pandemic data, as well as the pressure from economic sectors, could cause a change in the coming weeks with respect to some commercial and catering establishments that are the most affected by the restrictions. In this sense, the acting Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, assured that the Government is studying extending the curfew until 11 at night and allowing bars and restaurants to serve dinners.

“It is now time to give this air that we have to give to people and businesses. This morning I was reading the incidence and psychological impact that this pandemic is having on our population, which has lasted for a year “said the councilor in RÃ dio 4. He also added that at the moment and with the downward trend for many weeks” the situation is different from the toughest months of the pandemic, which is why it is being studied this green light for these sectors.

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In addition, Budó pointed out that the goal is to gradually raise measures and not have to go back, so the next goal is to get out of autonomy. However, she added that she is “100% sure that the nightlife will not open in 15 days”.

On the other hand, the Gremio de Restauración de Barcelona urged the Government to allow “as soon as possible” that the restoration recovers the hours of afternoon and night to avoid problems such as large bottles. “Barcelona is experiencing a very worrying boom in bottles,” lamented the director of this union, Roger Pallarols, for whom “it makes no sense to maintain restrictions when they are not able to enforce them.” That is why they believe that the expansion should be done this week and thus give restaurateurs time to plan and accept reservations for the start of Holy Week.

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The restaurateurs have also stressed that more and more members of the Government are positioning themselves in favor of extending the hours of the restoration, to serve dinners and even to extend the curfew, which is why Pallarols has asked himself “who n of the Government is against “this and with what arguments. On the other hand, this union has requested this Monday to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia to annul in a precautionary way the suspension of activity that affects restaurants located in shopping centers, closed to the public since last October 16, considering that it is a “discriminatory measure and lack of logic when a leap has been made to expand mobility”.

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