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Cathie Wood will vote for Donald Trump

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood said she intends to vote for politician Donald Trump in the next US presidential election. She justified her position by the need to restore the country’s economy, writes The Block.

The entrepreneur attended a conference in Las Vegas organized by financial analyst Kevin Paffrath. During her speech, Wood quoted economist Arthur Laffer, who considers the first three years of the last Trump presidency “the best in US economic history.”

The CEO of Ark Invest shares the expert’s opinion. She is also impressed by the fact that Trump has expressed support for the cryptocurrency industry and is ready to promote the development of the industry in the United States.

“Like I told my kids, ‘Listen, I’m going to vote for the guy who’s going to do what’s best for our economy.’ I’m a voter when it comes to the economy. And on this basis – Trump,” said Cathie Wood.

The aforementioned US presidential candidate has repeatedly expressed his approval of the digital asset sector during the current election race. Speaking at a fundraising event for his election campaign, Trump announced his intention to become a “crypto president.”

Earlier, the politician also held a meeting with representatives of mining companies. Trump promised those present that he would support the interests of miners in the White House. According to him, the activities of such companies contribute to the stable operation of the energy system.

Moreover, the head of Bitcoin Magazine, David Bailey, claims that the politician was interested in the possibility of solving the country’s national debt problem through Bitcoin. We are talking about an amount of $34.7 trillion.

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