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“Cauldron” that boils in the Middle East – The visions of the USA, Russia and China

The Middle East smells of “gunpowder” after the latest developments between Israel and Iran, with major powers such as the USA, Russia and China making predictions for the next day and planning their moves. To begin with, Washington, in cooperation with the EU, is trying to stabilize the situation in Gaza in order to stop Israel preoccupying the Arab world, to which it recently attempted an opening and was accepted by its leaders. At the same time, he is trying to assuage aspirations for military action towards Tehran, as Tel Aviv is heavily armed, but any flare-up would involve its allies, who do not want further involvement. Russia, on the other hand, keeps an “equal distance” or at least is not officially that close to Iran, with which it cooperates militarily due to the war in Ukraine. Analysts argue that this is happening because in recent years in the Middle East, the Kremlin has been propagandizing that it is coming in the role of a peacemaker. After all, Russia became known in this region as the conqueror when the USSR […]
Source: News Beast

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