Cazzu defends herself from criticism after appearing pregnant in Playboy

Cazzu defends herself from criticism after appearing pregnant in Playboy

Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, has shown, on several occasions, that she has an open and rebellious mentality, so when she released her photographs for the magazine Playboy It was not something so surprising, because we have seen her enjoying and showing off her pregnancy in all possible ways.

However, despite the fact that the Argentine rapper continues to dress very sensual with everything and her belly, at least five months pregnant, many did not conceive the idea that the expectant mother would appear half-naked in the adult magazine, so they opted for attacking her.

‘Poor baby, he hasn’t been born yet and they are already making him feel ashamed’; ‘You just show how vulgar and ordinary you are’; ‘I would like it if you looked sexy, but not even that’; ‘That being so disgusting, you just normalize those obscene things.’

As expected, the girlfriend of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal did not remain silent and came out to defend herself through her account instagramwhere she left a concise message about female bodily freedom and how culture has demonized the libido of a pregnant woman.

They are deluded if they think that I don’t know what such a simple thing generates in people. I make them fall into the trap of their own mind and of a culture that has a lot to say about women and more about mothers. For you all this should be holy and tender, not for me. My baby is safe, don’t worry.

The statement was filled with all kinds of comments, but one came to light where a user compared Cazzu with Rihanna, who also gave a twist to motherhood by wearing daring outfits and opining that we must “redefine what ‘decent’ means for pregnant women”.

Source: Okchicas