CBS Meteorologist Passes Out on Air and Passes Out – Watch Video

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Disruption was caused on the CBS set when a meteorologist for the channel, Alissa Carlson, passed out while she was about to start telling the weather.

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The incident happened during a live television broadcast this morning and the woman’s unfortunate moment was caught on camera. Alissa was about to start reporting the weather in Los Angeles on the newscast but before she could even begin her report, she passed out.

As seen in a video posted online, her eyes roll back and she leans forward on the desk she was sitting on, collapsing completely.

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The two presenters, at first, did not realize that she had fainted, but a few seconds later, they rushed to help her.

CBS vice president and news director Mike Dello Stritto told TMZ, “Our colleague Alissa Carlson became ill during the 7 a.m. newscast. this morning. I want to thank her co-workers who took immediate action to help Alissa and call 911. Alissa is currently in the hospital. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. We are praying for her to get much better soon.”

Source: News Beast

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