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CCXP23: C3PO’s concept image changed my life, says Star Wars actor

Anthony Daniels, actor who plays C3PO in the Star Wars saga, spoke about how he chose to play the character this Saturday (2), during a panel at CCXP 2023.

According to the actor, the concept image played a fundamental role in convincing him to play the character, and he fell in love with the art.

“When I saw this concept drawing in art, and realized that it is possible to see the sadness and loneliness of this character, I fell in love with this vulnerable face.”

Upon reading the script, Daniels admitted at his panel that C3PO was the character he most identified with and liked the most.

Therefore, he praises the graphic art that brings the concept image of C3PO, “it changed my life and, certainly, it changed all of yours too”.

“Without her [a arte], the image of C3PO would not have the same voice that the character has. I still love that photo and I still see the vulnerability in that face,” he concluded.

The actor also defended the character, saying that C3PO is not a coward as most people think, but like a father and mother who takes care of others.

Another moment that Daniels recalled was the difficulty in recording with C3PO’s costume, because it creaked a lot when he walked, which interfered with the other actors’ speech.

The solution, he says, was to “put talcum powder” on his clothes during recording.

The Star Wars franchise is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”, released in 1983. Earlier this year, the film was re-released in theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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*Published by Iasmin Paiva, with information from Giovana Rampini, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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