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Cecilia Rodriguez, from hairstyle to makeup: bridal beauty for her wedding with Ignazio Moser

A mermaid dress, with a deep neckline on the back and a princely veil: these are the first images of the wedding Cecilia Rodriguez And Ignatius Mosercelebrated on Sunday 30 June in the garden of the Villa Medicea La Ferdinanda-Tenuta di Artimino. An entrance on stage, that of the bride, which immediately revealed the mood of the ceremony, in the name of elegance, reflected in every detail, beauty look included.

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Under the veil, on the edge of which the phrase has been embroidered How much life is there in this life with you, from Iris by Biagio Antonacci, Cecilia Rodriguez has opted for acollected hairstyle, ideal choice when the dress revolves around a key element such as a deep neckline. Not the classic chignon, though. This is a sophisticated one node, as revealed via Instagram by Stefania Pelizzaro, make-up artist and hair stylist who followed the bride. The knot gathers the hair starting from a low ponytail, an elegant and alternative solution, perfectly achieved thanks to the maxi lengths of Cecilia Rodriguez. Very tight, the knot was disciplined by a rigorous central line, an almost graphic result, in line with the essential elegance of the mermaid dress by Atelier Emé.

Cecilia Rodriguez’s wedding hairstyle ©Stefania Pellizzaro/Instagram.

Tear-proof, the make-up. Cecilia was very moved during the ceremony, but nothing disturbed her expertly done make-up. Nothing crazy, as bon ton demands. Make-up in natural colors for the bride, who focused everything on her eyes: a strong line of black eyeliner, XXL lashes and an intense smokey. The lips are nude, as is the nail polish, for which a neutral color was chosen.

A detail of Cecilia Rodriguez's bridal makeup ©Nacho MoserInstagram.

A detail of Cecilia Rodriguez’s bridal makeup ©Nacho Moser/Instagram.

After the ceremony, along with the change of clothes, the bride also opted for a different hairstyle. A high, very tight braid so as not to interfere with the dress, braided on the back, but to be in perfect balance with it.

The second hairstyle of the bride Nacho MoserInstagram.

The bride’s second hairstyle, Nacho Moser/Instagram.

The bride instead chose loose hair for the pre-wedding dinner on Saturday 29 June, attended only by family and close friends. For Cecilia, in a total Armani look, a central parting and flat wave styling, well disciplined by a light wet effect. Beautiful solution for a summer evening, on the eve of the most beautiful day.

Cecilia Rodriguez's pre-wedding hair look ©Instagram.

Cecilia Rodriguez’s pre-wedding hair look ©Instagram.

Source: Vanity Fair

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