Certain loves (and trends) do not end …

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«Some loves do not end, they make huge rounds and then come back …» Antonello Venditti sang in the nineties. And, we might add fearlessly, it rang in the ears of many every September when they returned to the city.

This time, however, listening to the melody, we were not thinking of hearts broken by summer loves, but of the moment when we will have to empty our suitcases once and for all and greet, for the next 12 months, the clothes that have accompanied us during this estate 2021.

Ciao macrame hat, until we meet again straw bag, bye bye trekking sandals (cool version, of course): again this year it’s time to part ways. We know that it is difficult to do so: we have not yet become familiar with the Fall / Winter 2021-22 trend and we find ourselves in that phase of questions like: “will another trend arrive that we will love so much?”, “will we find another look that will make us feel so glamorous?”. The answer is yes. It seems impossible now, but as in love we are sure that there will be the trend that will excite us as if it were the first time.

And how to behave in this stand-by phase? Looking forward to the next lightning strikes fashion, fashion reassures us by giving us a second time, if you can call it that. What does it mean? That in fact our summer heartbeats were deep and very strong, enough to resist in the new season at the gates.
This means that no, we will not have to say goodbye to our beloved crochet, straw and sandals. Nor the crop top or the fisherman’s hat. Simply choose their version autumn winter.

Do you want an example? The clogs are still there, but in rubber, perfect for the first September thunderstorms. Are you a fan of canvas sneakers? This autumn there is a waterproof novelty. The crop-top, then, abandons the cotton and is dressed in soft cashmere (in winter, then, we will wear it as a vest). Are you not ready to abandon the straw yet? Then you can opt for those that mix the weaves of raffia and leather.

To discover our entire selection, browse the gallery above and have a good shopping!

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