Cesare Cremonini: “The death of my father, and the future that shows us the way”

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If the king is naked, Cesare Cremonini It is free. To make an album, to be. Because if the record as a physical object – he explains – does not have a future, then he has the total freedom to do it as he wants, to give it the imprint he feels most of him. At 41, “at the peak of my career”.

Here we are at 10 tracks de The girl of the futurejust presented and anticipated by two singles: Hummingbird And The girl of the futureand which ends with perhaps the most melancholy (and intense) piece, Call it happiness: “You seek happiness / But it is never the truth / See how everything passes and goes away”.

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Photo: Andrea Sestito

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The album of freedom, therefore, but also of maturity: «I arrived here after a deep and necessary reflection, starting from when I was a child and realizing that I have more memories from when I am a singer than since I was not». Today, however, when he takes the stage or presents the new album he is alone Cremonini. Without the name anymore. «When I make music I look for a familiar look, which starts from my land, I try to be as wide as possible. I am “Ce” if we go for a beer, Cremonini instead is more institutional, absolute. I have always identified the word Cremonini with my father, while the word Cesare is my mother, his sweetness. Cremonini gives a more solid home to my identity ».

And to his father, who passed away in September 2019 at the age of 94, he also dedicates one of the new songs, Moonwalk:Inside that song there is a lot of dignity, living the experience of an elderly father teaches you a lot and it is fortunate to have such an important library of memories together. Living his last months, I really understood what the dignity of a human being is. You see that the body leaves, but the mind remains, the song is about our dialogues from that period. I’m talking about having seen together on sports Sunday, some small details of a person’s life. “Today I didn’t turn on the television, what day is it”, for me it is an important sentence. That of emotion. A record must have wide arms and this one, in my opinion, has them ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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