Ch. Staikouras: Income tax in 8 installments from July

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The Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, spoke to SKAI about taxes, salaries and price increases.

Satisfied with the course of the Greek economy and its prospects, the minister said, stressing that “in 2021 we achieved a much higher recovery than estimated.” Also, “padlocks” were avoided, fewer businesses closed and unemployment fell.

The minister is concerned, however, why Greece remains one of the countries with the highest debt in Europe.

He stressed that 43.3 billion resources have been given for citizen support, which corresponds to 1/4 of GDP, ie the fourth highest package in the world. But it is now our deficit that is passed on to the country’s debt, which is the 2nd to 3rd highest in Europe.

In fact, he stated that our country remains in a state of supervision by the institutions. “The country is doing well, it is being upgraded, but it has not reached an investment level.”

According to Mr. Staikouras, liquidity is limited and interest rates will increase, which means increased borrowing costs. “Whatever happens in 2023, we will have fiscal targets.”

Development measures and not austerity

“The tax cuts we have made will be permanent,” the minister said.

He clarified that the income tax will start to be paid from July, in 8 installments, while the platform is expected to open from March so that the accountants can create the conditions in the tax returns.

Also, the total ENFIA will be reduced by 50-60 million euros, ie a total reduction of 3-4% in addition to the 22% that was in force in the last decade.

“We are adjusting the rates. We will try to be in more installments and start the payment from March,” he said. Also, there will be a “cutter” where there is an excessive increase of ENFIA.

Regarding the real estate tax, he said that they seek to integrate the additional tax into the real estate tax. Finally, he stated that the country’s cash is 38 billion euros.


Source From: Capital

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