Ch. Staikouras: The OECD confirms the social sign of our economic policy

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The effectiveness and the social sign of the pursued economic policy is confirmed, emphasizes the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, commenting on the OECD report on the tax burden of wage labor.

The statement of the minister in detail:

“Another report of an international organization confirms the effectiveness and the social sign of the pursued economic policy, through the significant alleviation of the tax and insurance burden of the citizens.

Policy, which includes dozens of reductions in taxes and insurance contributions, such as, among others, the reduction of income tax, the reduction of ENFIA, the suspension of the solidarity contribution and the reduction of insurance contributions by 4 percentage points.

Specifically, according to a report published today by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):

– Greece records the second largest reduction in the tax burden of employees among the OECD countries, in the period 2019-2021. A decrease of 3.7%, compared to an average decrease of 0.3% internationally. In fact, at a time when 2/3 of OECD countries increased the taxation of wage labor in 2021, Greece continued to reduce it.

– Greece records a significant reduction in the taxation of employees in all three types of households examined by the OECD (childless worker, family with children with one employee and single parent family).

– The average tax rate in Greece is now 22.4% in 2021, lower than the average of the OECD countries, which was 24.6%. This means that in Greece, the salary of an employee, after taxes and benefits, is higher as a percentage of his gross salary, compared to the average of the countries of the Organization.

All the above proves that the Government of the New Democracy, despite the unprecedented, external difficulties of recent years, fulfills its commitments and serves with remarkable consistency and methodical its strategic goal for a substantial reduction of the tax burden of the citizens, with emphasis on the middle .

We continue to work with a plan and dedication in the same direction, in order to further support the disposable income of the citizens, the creation of new jobs and the strengthening of the social cohesion “.


Source: Capital

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