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Cha Eunwoo comments on unusual kiss scene in new K-drama and sends message to Brazilian fans

“A Good Day to Be a Dog” is a South Korean drama with a creative and unusual plot, the kind where it’s normal to read the synopsis twice to make sure that’s what it is.

The plot focuses on literature teacher Hae Na (Park Gyu Young), who comes from a family that suffers from a very unusual curse. If she kisses someone, she turns into a dog every night – like Cinderella losing her evening dress at midnight, but in a cuter, furrier way. In the morning, she turns back into a human.

To break the curse, she needs to kiss the same person again, but this time in the form of a dog. The point is that Hae Na immediately kissed math teacher Jin Seo-Won (Cha Wun Woo), who is terrified of pets!

She has 100 days to resolve everything, or she will be a “doggy” forever, every day, like what happened to her uncle. Can she help Seo-Wo overcome her fear of dogs and kiss her?

Episodes are being released weekly on Rakuten Viki streaming, and, to the horror of eager drama viewers, it’s only one per week.

To CNN, Cha Eunwoo talked about how much fun he had during filming and even pointed out something he has in common with his character. Do you know when someone seems colder on the outside, but is really sweet on the inside? He feels that way too.

The artist took the opportunity to give a message to Brazilian fans, who love both his acting career, which has already led to dramas such as “True Beauty” and “A Ilha”, and as an idol of the k-pop group ASTRO.

Check out the full interview:

You loved mathematics when you were in school, you even thought about becoming a teacher. What was it like preparing to live this profession in drama?

It’s not that I focused mainly on the role of the math teacher, but rather on the character of Jin Seo-won itself. To better show how he changes when he meets Haena, who has an opposite personality, I talked to the director and screenwriter in each scene to get the best results.

What do you have in common with the character Seo-won?

I think the level of synchronization was high when I was acting. Sometimes I seem cold on the outside, but I like to make fun and I’ve been told that I’m friendly with others. I think that’s what makes Seo-won and I similar. The difference is that I love dogs, and he is scared.

You have incredible chemistry with Park Gyu Young, who plays Han Hae Na, and Lee Hyun Woo, who plays your character’s friend, Lee Bo Kyum. What is the secret?

Working with them was incredible. We got closer and had a lot of fun shooting the scenes every day. We played so much that we laughed just looking at each other. There were moments when I really had to control myself not to laugh. Overall, the incredible chemistry between us happened naturally.

Do you have any unforgettable behind-the-scenes memories of the drama?

I remember that I laughed and had a lot of fun with Park Kyu Young and Lee Hyun Woo because we are close. The most memorable moment I remember is when I had to kiss a dog during filming. I needed to put some snack in my mouth.

What is your criteria when choosing your next acting project?

I don’t have specific standards when choosing my next job. But, as I’m a person who likes challenges, I think I choose projects or characters where I can show something new to the audience, rather than what I’ve done before.

You have many fans in Brazil, and they affectionately call you “ChaCha”. What message would you like to send them?

I want to say hi to the fans in Brazil with the drama “Um Bom Dia para Ser Cachorro”. We had a lot of fun filming it and the result was really lovely, so I hope a lot of people enjoy it. I will do my best to show you more different aspects of myself in the future, so please give me lots of support and love. Thanks!

Source: CNN Brasil

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