Chainalysis launches a hotline to fight crypto scammers

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Analyst company Chainalysis has launched a rapid response service for cyber attacks or hacks related to the theft or extortion of cryptocurrencies, reports RBC Crypto.

Companies affected by fraud can contact the Crypto Incident Response hotline, which operates around the clock, for qualified assistance and advice, according to message on the site.

Chainalysis will assign a separate team of specialists to investigate specific incidents. According to the company, experts will use advanced blockchain analysis technologies to work around the clock to uncover cryptocrimes. If necessary, the Chainalysis team will help you contact law enforcement agencies and lawyers to recover stolen assets.

According to the developers, the program for responding to crypto incidents will simplify the process of investigating crimes, regardless of the country in which the victim is located. Immediate tracking and tagging of assets on the Chainalysis platform will help prevent attackers from cashing out stolen funds.

In 2021, 46,000 people reported losing more than $1 billion of cryptocurrencies due to social media scams, according to a US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report. Since the vast majority of fraud in this area is not officially registered, these figures represent only a small part of the losses incurred.

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Source: Cryptocurrency

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