Chalkida Court of First Instance: Deposit of two letters of guarantee in order to give free shipping to the Russian tanker Lana with Iranian flag

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The Halkida Court of First Instance requested the submission of two letters of guarantee, within five working days, from the ship-owning company (Transmorflot LLC) in order to lift the temporary ban on the departure of the Russian tanker “Lana” with Iranian flag that remains off Karr since mid-April.

According to the lawyers of the tug company that provided services to the Russian tanker, the court, following a request submitted the previous day by the ship-owning company of “Lana” requesting the lifting of the temporary ban, issued two temporary orders yesterday, concerning the deposit of two guarantees letters amounting to 1,474,200 euros and 392,000 euros within five working days, in order to lift the temporary ban on the departure of the Russian tanker and to grant free shipping by the Karystos Port Authority.

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According to legal representatives of the tug company, the temporary ban on sailing and changing the real and legal status of the tanker “Lana” had been ordered following an application for precautionary measures in the Court of First Instance of Chalkida for debts. They also stated that the temporary ban concerned the ship and not its cargo.

It is noted that in the previous days, the Court of Appeal of Chalkida, after an appeal by the ship-owning company of Lana, had lifted the seizure of part of the oil cargo from the Russian tanker that had been made at the request of the American judicial authorities to the Greek ones.

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It was a quantity of 60,000 metric tons of crude oil out of the total 104,134 tons that “Lana” transported to its tanks and is currently loaded on another tanker that remains in the offshore area off Piraeus.

To date, however, it is not yet known where and how the amount of oil that will have to be returned to “Lana” will be transhipped.

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