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Chanel Totti celebrates 17 years without Cristian Babalus: love over?

Is Chanel Totti single again? It's the question going around the web on his birthday. On May 13th, the second daughter of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti has turned 17. And, at the stroke of midnight, she celebrated with all her friends by blowing out the candles on a beautiful cake. But there is another detail that has not escaped the most attentive: the absence of her boyfriend Cristian Babalus.

Instagram Stories @_chaneltotti

In the series of photos published in the Instagram Stories, in fact, Chanel poses in front of the cake with her brother Cristian and his girlfriend, Melissa Monti. Then it's time for greetings and photos with her friends. There is even a shot with Manuela Babalus, Cristian's sister, but no trace of him. Not only. His best wishes did not even arrive via social media: no posts, no dedications shared between Instagram Stories.

To fuel the rumors about an alleged breakup, there is another detail: the many photos of the couple that disappeared from Chanel Totti's Instagram profile. The girl left only an image of the two's holiday in the Maldives. There is nothing left of the other holidays together. And to think that just a month ago, the two celebrated his birthday together with a romantic dedication from Chanel. «A thank you is not enough. Best wishes to my great love” Ilary Blasi's daughter wrote on social media. And, just a few days earlier, the two had celebrated their first engagement anniversary with a romantic getaway to Monte Carlo. Escape that she denied the rumors about an alleged crisis between them.

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Chanel Totti, social greetings (with dedication of love) to her boyfriend Cristian Babalus
«A thank you is not enough. Best wishes to my great love” wrote Ilary Blasi's daughter on Instagram sharing a video with the couple's most beautiful moments

Now, social distance is clear. And it could say a lot about a love story that has now come to an end. Chanel, however, remains the love of mom and dad. Which via social media did not fail to post congratulations to their daughter. “Happy birthday my love” were the words of Ilary Blasi who leafed through her album of memories and shared a photo of her still young daughter. «Happy 17th birthday my love» wrote father Francesco Totti. «I love you» the birthday girl's response. That in the Instagram Stories she reiterated her feelings for her father: “My great love”. And the question arises spontaneously: dig at Cristian Babalus?

Source: Vanity Fair

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