Change of roles for AB – My market with the ‘electronic’ efood, Wolt and Rabbit

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By George Lampiris

The Greek retail of supermarkets is currently based on opposing forces. The reason is that each of the companies that are active in it, make moves to supplement what they do not have. On the one hand, the electronic platforms efood Market, Wolt Market and Rabbit are making moves to develop a physical network of stores, on the other hand, the powerful retailers AB Vassilopoulos and My Market are making moves to stand up to the platforms by developing services in the field of quick commerce with average delivery time. registration of the order, which amounts to one hour.

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The network is what ultimately provides the experience to consumers and essentially consolidates the presence of even purely electronic players in the Greek and international market. This is the characteristic that results from the activity of the three main players in the distribution of products in our country. A key difference from the data so far is the fact that efood maintains a ready-made network of stores, which amounts to about 500 points and is a mini market under the Kiosky’s label, which belonged to the Mouchalis group and now belong to the Delivery Hero group. to which efood belongs after the completion of the acquisition of INKAT, one of the four companies acquired by the German giant through the agreement. Efood’s goal is to have access to points of sale in neighborhoods, something that is offered to it with the existing network but also with the partners it maintains in the market. In the case of efood the available codex amounts to 3,000 products.

The development of ten physical points from the Wolt Market

In the whole new market scene, as it is currently formed, there is no lack of moves on the part of Wolt Market and the new entrant Rabbit. Wolt Market is currently moving with the development of the network of physical stores, as it maintains a total of 10 points of sale with the most recent of which being the Piraeus store. The presence of Wolt Market stores is located in Attica, Piraeus and Patras, while the first store started operating in April 2021 with an available coding of 2,500 products.

Four natural points of sale for Rabbit until July in Attica

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For its part, Rabbit, having recently entered Greece, already maintains two stores in Kallithea and Maroussi, while based on the planning at the beginning of July, it will have a total of four stores in Attica. The first two points of sale are located in Kallithea and Maroussi. The next expansion points will be located in Psychiko and Argyroupoli. Rabbit recently raised € 3 million in capital from Greek and foreign investors. The founder and CEO of Rabbit is the Lebanese Malek Fatte, former country director of Instashop, which was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2020 for 360 million euros.

The big bet right now is that of quick commerce for all three players mentioned above. The game of fast distribution is quite arduous and competitive for those who decide to participate in it, where they have recently entered or have stated their intention to be active in it and the traditional chains.

The traditional players who step into quick commerce

Recently we will remind you that AB Vassilopoulos entered into a partnership with InstaShop with the object of distributing products one hour after the order. The big difference of this chain is that it currently distributes 10,000 codes, due to the large storage capacity it has and the well-organized infrastructure in terms of logistics. For its part, the Panteliadis group has announced its intention to operate in quick commerce, for deliveries within an hour, but relying on the same forces after the completion of the pilot phase.

Source: Capital

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