Chaos in South Korea from a huge white light in the sky – ‘I’m scared, is this a UFO?’

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Moments reminiscent of scenes from the movie “Independence Day” took place in South Koreasince the nocturnal heaven in too many cities it was illuminated by a huge white light, with many taking it to be UFOs or an attack by Kim Jong Un.

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According to South China Morning PostA few days ago four North Korean drones they violated the airspace of the country, with shooting them down fails. So the South Korean military officially apologized -something extremely rare-, so planned to get his “blood” backafter questions were raised about the air defense network.

So, test fired a solid fuel rocket, which is set to launch the country’s first spy satellite. This resulted in an eerie white glow in the sky, which was visible from many parts of the country.

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Nevertheless, because there was no updateno one knew about it, so both the State TVas well as the citizens were confusedwith half thinking they are being attacked by the neighbors and the others thinking there is an alien invasion.

I’m afraid, is this a UFO?,” a person stated based on the publication, while they set fire to the phones to the police stations and the armyto find out what’s going on.

Finally, the military issued an official statement after the chaos it caused and said it was a test build, so there was no cause for concern.

Source: News Beast

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