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Chaos outside Argentina’s parliament over “yes” to controversial reform package promoted by Millay

The Senate of Argentina approved yesterday Wednesday 12/6 night (early this morning Greek time) a package of sweeping economic reforms proposed by the government of far-right, extreme liberal President Javier Millay at the beginning; now the voting process is expected to begin article The process was deadlocked – 36 members were in favor and the same number against – before the country’s vice president Victoria Villarreal voted in favor. “For the Argentinians who are suffering, who are waiting, who do not want their children to leave the country (…) I am voting yes,” said the vice president, who is ex-officio president of the Senate. Outside the chambers of parliament, meanwhile, clashes between law enforcement forces were raging. The incidents broke out when protesters tried to breach the security perimeter around the parliament, where the controversial “general law” incorporating a series of reforms, especially privatisation, was being debated. Seven people, including five opposition MPs, required hospital treatment, according to the ministry […]
Source: News Beast

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