Chaos over open coffin: Wild kicking and punching brawl between two families

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Not even in the other world does Marc Anthony Humberto Ramos find peace, as his time funeral his widow, Ornella Ramos, was attacked by her husband’s family. In the photos and videos that have seen the light of day, they can be seen both sides holding hands and trading… kicks and punches over the open coffin by Ramos.

The fierce fight between the two sides derailed resulting, as seen in the security camera footage, even the wreaths fall that framed the coffin.

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A family member of the deceased is even seen to spit on Ramos and her family members during the fightwhich took place just days after her husband’s 2019 drowning death in a North Carolina state park.

Ramos – who didn’t throw a punch during the fight – called the police when things got out of hand. Subsequently, she and her young son, six years old at the time, took refuge in a room at the funeral home where, as stated by Daily Mailother bodies were kept.

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Ornella Ramos submitted lawsuit against the funeral home about the quarrel that broke out between her and the family of her deceased husband, which quarrel seems to have been the culmination of a multi-year tension among them while it had preceded and a dispute over whether or not to cremate his body.

Χάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροΧάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροChaos over the open coffin

As Ornella says, she and her husband Marc have been in love since they were kids in high school. They had their first child when she was 17 but her husband’s family never approved of their relationship. So when Marc drowned in June 2019, his family blamed her for his death.

The family – which includes the couple’s four school-aged children – lived less than 35km from where Marc is said to have died and were all forward when he drowned.

“Obviously they have a lot of questions on their mind for that day. “Why did he drown?” “How;” “Will return;” “Why can’t he go back?”‘ were some of the questions Ramos remembers her children asking her. As if this incident wasn’t traumatic enough for the young children, a few days later they saw their mother playing the punchline with their dead father’s in-laws and siblings.

Χάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροΧάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροChaos over the open coffin

It was a really traumatic experience for me and my family. I wanted my children and I to have a good memory of my husband,” Ramos’ widow told the Daily News.

The young woman submitted suing the funeral home as she feels they could have done more to create a safe and controlled environment for her and her children. “They can’t bring their father back, but what happened is not right. He deserved a decent ceremonyOrnella Ramos said excitedly.

Ramos stated that her husband wanted to be cremated, but his family wanted a burial and thus began the “feud” between them. Four bystanders, including Ramos, were arrested in the ensuing fight and charged with misdemeanor assault, police said. However, as can be seen from the photos and videos, Marc’s wife did not hit anyone.

Specifically, the footage shows her sister-in-law of Ramos, who has not been named by police, approaching her in front of the casket, they then exchange some words and at one point a man walks in between them.

Χάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροΧάος πάνω από το ανοιχτό φέρετροChaos over the open coffin

Ramos said she was talking to a friend, telling her how handsome her husband looked even in death, when she was approached by his sister, who said she was offended by her comments and told her to “fuck off”. Then her rage grew and he accused her of killing her brother. “I told her that she had wished my husband dead and that is why we are here now” says Ornella.

Then another woman, Ramos’s friend, steps in between the two women, finally accepting one slap and fights back causing the wreaths and the open coffin to fall down.

Meanwhile, another woman, whom Ramos identified as the other sister of the deceased her husbandspat at those who rushed to her defense while she and her 6-year-old son fled to a room where two corpses were kept.

Once inside the room, the fight continued to rage and the funeral home clerk urged the mother to call the police. When police arrived, they arrested four people, including Ramos, who was charged with misdemeanor assault, with officers saying she hit one of her in-laws, an NYPD spokesman said.

Ramos is now suing the funeral home staff claiming that warned staff ‘about the issues between the two families’ in preparation for the funeral. A day before the ceremony, Ramos said one of her sisters-in-law didn’t want her at the funeral.

According to Ornella Ramos, the funeral home tshe assured that she could ensure a safe environment for all and a dignified funeral for her late husband but this did not happen and she was forced to remain in custody for almost 30 hours after her arrest.

Source: News Beast

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