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Chaotic scenes, reports of dead in Kenya, protest over tax hikes

Police opened fire on protesters trying to storm Kenya’s parliament today, with at least 10 protesters killed, dozens injured and parts of the parliament building set on fire as lawmakers debated the tax bill, which saw thousands of people walk out in the streets across the country to protest against planned tax increases. Scenes of chaos unfolded as protesters rushed police forces who pushed them back in an attempt to storm the parliament building. Flames were coming out of the building. The television reported a fire in the Nairobi governor’s offices. Police opened fire when tear gas and water cannons were deemed insufficient to disperse the crowds of protesters. A Reuters reporter counted the bodies of at least five protesters outside parliament. A rescue worker said at least 10 were killed by gunfire. Another rescuer said more than 50 people were injured by gunfire. The NGO Human Rights Committee […]
Source: News Beast

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