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Chapter 5.139.0

Glovo Is an application with which you can order food delivery or anything else.

With Glovo, you can order delivery of anything, anywhere. It doesn’t matter what it will be, food or dry-cleaning items – the courier will deliver everything to you quickly, safe and sound. Glovo works with a huge number of companies, so you will receive various discounts when making purchases through the application.

Convenient interface. Placing orders does not take a lot of time. After placing your order, it will be delivered to you within a short period of time. You can track the courier route in real time. You can rate every single order you place as soon as it is completed – this helps make Glovo better.

The main advantages of Glovo:

  • Collaboration with a huge number of companies.
  • Fast ordering.
  • Easy to use.
  • The ability to track the courier’s path in real time.
  • Delivery of anything, anywhere.
  • Fast shipping.
  • The ability to evaluate each individual order.

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