Charging for transparency pressures Congress to reassess the rapporteur’s amendments

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an injunction of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) determined the suspension of execution of resources of the calls rapporteur’s amendments to the Budget and demanded more transparency from the Legislative in defining the destination of expenditures. The opposition accuses the government of distributing the funds to allies to gain support in important votes. The Chamber and Senate leaders, on the other hand, understand that the freezing of amendments paralyzes the Budget and makes it difficult to carry out important projects for the country that depend on the release of these resources.

In this episode of and there is more, Carol Nogueira presents an overview of the impasse on the rapporteur’s amendments and the solutions that are being negotiated to unlock the release of resources. To describe how the rapporteur’s amendments work and their political importance, the economist Murilo Viana, a specialist in public accounts, and the policy analyst at the CNN Brasil Pitta broth.

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